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Why Choose Us?

Ever dream of owning a vintage instrument but can't afford one without selling a kidney? That's where we come into play! Our guitars are made to give the working man, or woman, an affordable 'vintage' guitar, or bass. Want a vintage tone in your existing axe? We've got you covered! All of our pickups are made to vintage specs, never hot-rodded or modernized in any way (though we do offer RWRP on all pickup models). Need a loaded pickguard? We offer those too! Made with the finest components, our pickguards are the perfect replacement for your axe! And the best part of it all... It won't cost an arm and a leg, and it's all made here in the USA!

I finally got my strat all wired up and ready to go. In hindsight, I should’ve just ordered the prewired  guard from you lol. But I got it all squared away about 2am last night. I’ll tell you this...yours are the first pickups I’ve cut to size when installing. What I mean is I typically leave all the leads in the event I decide to sell them for something else. So what does that mean? That means these aren’t going anywhere. She is trimmed and installed. This is the last piece of my strat puzzle. This strat is made to my specs...the neck I liked, the body I wanted, the wiring all being old school vintage, and now the pickups. I learned in all my years that off the rack guitars are good but you can build your own to your liking and guarantee it will be amazing. So thank you for completing my strat.
San Antonio, Texas
Brother. The pickups are killer! I just got around to getting them installed. More later to come. I want to do a video and let you see what you think? I’m not kidding these are it!
Ray Ybarra
Port Arthur, Texas

Just a quick note to let you know that the pickups arrived safe and sound. As a customer/musician, I would like to thank you for the care that has gone into making them and sending them to Australia. They sound as beautiful as they look. I love them. To my ear, they're nothing short of perfect. Leo Fender would be proud of you!


About Us

Mark Roe


At Auburn Electric Instruments, we are dedicated to delivering the best possible product for the best price, and when we say "vintage correct", we mean it. Nitrocellulose lacquer, Kluson tuners, Fender bridges, CTS pots, CRL switches, and cloth pushback wire. We don't cut any corners, we use only the best when it comes to materials.

I’ve been playing a customized Fender Stratocaster for years. I finally decided I wanted something else, and bought a Classic Series 50s Strat, in nitro. Me being me, I wasn’t satisfied. The stock pickups were decent at best. I began researching vintage 50s Stratocasters. That led to looking for vintage correct components. What did I find? Plenty of products labeled vintage correct, but only a few that earned that title. Those few, however, were way out of my budget. So, I thought, what about making my own? After much consideration, I bought a pickup winder, some bobbins, and some wire. It took some failed pickups to figure out what I was doing, and now I have confidence that my pickups are the best labeled vintage correct out there. If Leo and company didn’t do it, neither do I. At this time I do not have the capacity to produce bodies and necks, nor do I have the capacity to put together a complete instrument from commercially available parts. But I plan on developing those products as soon as possible. I want to put true vintage spec instruments into the hands of working men and women without busting their wallets. 

Our products are made to order. Turn around may take up to 2 weeks depending on parts inventory. 

Understand, we are just getting started and will be adding new products as production efforts take shape. But, we plan to be around for a while, so stay 'tuned'!

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